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Who we are

NordicPet offers premium quality and all-natural small animal bedding and forage, such as clumping and non-clumping litters, Timothy hay, and other meadow hay forages.

Our story

NordicPet grew out of our passion and love for pets and Earth. That’s why we use only earth-friendly advanced technologies and all-natural materials to make and deliver safe products for your pets and keep our planet clean.

Why us

Our goal is to provide the best quality and earth-friendly products for your small animals. For this reason, why we work only with the best veterinary experts and pet breeding professionals to ensure the greatest comfort and overall wellbeing for your pets. All our products are made of premium quality and natural materials, so are compostable and biodegradable leaving no footprint on the environment.

Retail opportunity

NordicPet offers an unrivalled opportunity for retailers to become part of our company and benefit from the growing demand for premium quality pet products and raw materials. We also offer all the support you need to make our business partners successful.
If you would like to partner with us or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you find the best solution for your business.

Pet Litter


Wood Fiber Clumping Cat Litter NordicPet

Wood Fiber Clumping Cat Litter in box NordicPet

Annual Plant Fiber Litter in Pellet Form NordicPet

Annual Plant Fiber Pet Litter NordicPet


clumping cat litter

Annual Plant Fiber Clumping Cat Litter


Wood Fiber Clumping Cat Litter


non-clumping pellets for pet

Annual Plant Fiber Litter in Pellet Form

Grass Litter For Pet

non-clumping pet litter

Annual Plant Fiber Pet Litter

Crushed wood fiber

Wood Fiber Pet Litter

wood fiber pellets

Wood Fiber Tiny Pellet Pet Litter

Pet Food


Timothy Hay

Natural Meadow Hay

Organic Timothy Hay

Organic Natural Meadow Hay


Timothy Hay Mini Roll

Natural Meadow Hay Mini Roll

Organic Natural Meadow Hay Mini Roll


Timothy Hay Pellets

Natural Meadow Hay Pellets

"NordicPet is not just an animal lover. We also care about the future of our planet. That's why we use only the most innovative and environmentally friendly technologies to produce and deliver only the freshest and safest products.

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