Natural Meadow Hay

Natural Meadow Hay

NordicPet Natural Meadow Hay  – All Natural Food For Your Pet

NordicPet meadow hay is a high-quality and all-natural forage designed to meet the specific needs of all age stage rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, and other small pets. Made from plants that grow in 100% natural meadows, our hay is free of chemicals, additives, or artificial smells, thus is completely safe for your pet.

Rich in biodiversity – containing more than 40 different kinds of grasses and plants – NordicPet hay is an irreplaceable source of fivers, proteins, minerals, and vitamins essential for your pet’s digestive, dental and overall wellbeing. Thanks to its unique characteristics, our hay is the perfect choise for your beloved friend.

NordicPet Natural Meadow Hay – 100% Safe Choice for Small Animals

NordicPet cares not only about pets’ overall wellness. We also feel responsible for our planet’s future. That’s why we use environmentally friendly technologies and materials to make and deliver our products for our little friends.

NordicPet hay mini roll is no exception. This unique hay contains a wide variety of 100% natural plants and grasses growing in grasslands that have experienced no human intervention. For this reason, our all-natural hay mini roll can be compostable and biodegradable, which makes it completely friendly to the environment.

So, by choosing our natural meadow hay, you show your love and care both for your pet and the Earth.

How to Use NordicPet Natural Hay

Feeding instructions.

Place forage in a hopper, bin, or loose. Remove uneaten forage when it becomes wet. For optimal results, provide fresh, clean water. Also, follow the dietary recommendations based on the kind and age stage of animals. 

Storage instructions.

Store in a dark and cool place. The product should not be stored for longer than 12 months.

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