Wood Fiber Clumping Cat Litter

Wood Fiber Clumping Cat Litter

NordicPet Wood Fiber Clumping Cat Litter – the Best Natural Litter for Your Cat

NordicPet natural cat litter is produced from recycled wood fiber. Thus is compostable and completely safe for both your cat and home environment. Thanks to its ultra high-absorbency rate, our premium litter absorbs up to 7 times its volume leaving your cat’s paws dry and clean all the time.

NordicPet clumping cat litter can neutralize odors and offer a fresh scent reminiscent of natural wood. Thanks to its unique formula,NordicPet litter  forms solid and easy-to-scoop clumps making the cleaning process quick and easy. Unlike most litters, our natural litter is dust-free and contains no chemicals, such as bentonite, silica, or clay. So, it helps to keep your cat’s respiratory and digestive systems healthy.

NordicPet Wood Fiber Clumping Cat Litter: a Blueprint for a Safer Planet

NordicPet is not only pet lovers. We also care about our planet’s future. That’s why we use only environmentally-friendly technologies to make our high premium products.

Our NordicPet cat litter is made of recycled wood leftovers, which helps to save thousands of trees in the forests. Besides, our product is compostable and biodegradable, so by using this eco-friendly litter you help to reduce pollution.

To sum up, NordicPet natural clumping cat litter is not only safe for your pet and home environment but also contributes to keeping our Earth clean.

How to Use NordicPet Wood Clumping Cat Litter


Fill the tray with cat litter up to a height of 5 cm.


Remove clumps and feces daily by using a scoop. Dispose of the litter in an organic waste container or compost it. Only single clumps can be flushed down the toilet.


Empty the tray, clean it out and re-fill with an equal amount of some of our fresh natural pet litter in 4–6 weeks.

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