Timothy Hay

Timothy Hay

NordicPet 1st Cut Timothy Hay – Perfect Food for Your Beloved Pet

NordicPet 1st cut Timothy hay is one of our premium products for the animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters, and other small pets. High in nutrient content and digestable fiber, our premium hay helps not only to stimulate your pet’s chewing instincts, but also improves both dental and digestive health.

Made from locally grown and responsibly managed farms, NordicPet 1st cut Timothy hay contains no additives or artificial smells and is completely safe for your pet and the environment. Thanks to its unique characteristics, our natural hay is the perfect choice for your beloved friend.

NordicPet 1st Cut Timothy Hay – a More Responsible Production

NordicPet is unrivaled for its dedication to provide the best quality products for your little friends. That’s why we use only the most innovative and eco-friendly technologies to make and deliver fresh and safe products for your pets. 

Our 1st cut hay is no exception. NordicPet Timothy grass is produced from properly matured and dried plants grown in sustainable farms. As the product is 100% natural, it is completely safe for your pet. So, choosing this natural hand-selected Timothy grass you help both to boost your pet’s well-being and save the planet.

How to Use NordicPet 1st Cut Timothy Hay

  • Place forages in a hopper, bin, or loose.
  • Remove uneaten forage as it becomes wet.
  • Be sure that the pet has enough easily accessible sources of water.
  • Store forage in a cool, dry place. Reclose after each use.
  • Don’t forget to follow the dietary recommendations based on the kind and age stage of animals.

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