Annual Plant Fiber Clumping Cat Litter

Annual Plant Fiber Clumping Cat Litter

NordicPet Annual Plant Fiber Clumping Cat Litter - an Exceptional Litter for Your Cat

Make your cat’s hygiene much easier with NordicPet annual plant fiber clumping cat litter. Our advanced cat litter is produced from technologically refined plant fibers absorbing a huge amount of moisture up to 7 times of its volume and locking in unpleasant odors even more effectively. So, you can enjoy a pleasant and odorless living environment.

Thanks to its unique texture, our clumping cat litter is both easy-to-scoop and super gentle for your pet’s paws. Its excellent characteristics, such as an unmatched absorbency rate, make the litter remain longer – up to 4–6 weeks – in the litter box. Our premium clumping cat litter contains no artificial fragrances or chemicals, such as bentonite, silica, or clay, helping to keep your cat’s respiratory and digestive systems healthy.

NordicPet Sustainable Clumping Cat Litter – Happier Pets, Happier Earth

NordicPet cares not only about your pet’s hygiene and health. We also care about the future of our Earth. That is why NordicPet uses only the most innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies to produce our premium litters in as much sustainable way as possible.

Our cat litter is produced from plant fibers renewable in 365 days. As the litter is 100% natural, it is compostable and biodegradable – it breaks down in 8 weeks, assimilates into the natural environment, and leaves no footprint on the planet as a whole. So, NordicPet clumping cat litter benefits everyone – your cat, man, and the environment.

How to Use NordicPet Clumping Cat Litter


Pour up to 5 cm of litter into a clean and dry litter box.


Scoop all the clumps after your cat has used the litter box. For best hygiene, you should remove all clumps and solid waste daily.


Dispose of the litter in an organic waste container or compost it. Only single clumps can be flushed down the toilet.


Empty the tray, clean it out and re-fill with an equal amount of some fresh natural pet litter in 4–6 weeks.

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