Annual Plant Fiber Clumping Cat Litter

Annual Plant Fiber Clumping Cat Litter

NordicPet Annual Plant Fiber Clumping Cat Litter - an Exceptional Litter for Your Cat

The NordicPet litter is created not only to ensure convenience and cleanliness at home but also to nurture the health of your pet. This natural and eco-friendly litter is manufactured with all safety criteria in mind, making it suitable for kittens that may ingest litter. Additionally, cat paws will always remain soft due to the special, small-sized smooth granules. To protect the cat’s fur, the litter features a smooth, non-clinging surface and an optimal comparative weight.

Since animals are an integral part of nature, we have taken care of its safety. This exceptional litter is made from natural, renewable materials that are completely biodegradable and easily compostable. Furthermore, dust is removed during several production stages, resulting in the final product consisting of clean, properly shaped granules. This litter clumps easily and quickly, it is dense and does not crumble when scooped with a special scoop. Due to its natural properties, it is very lightweight, and the packaging is convenient for everyday use, so it won’t cause any additional difficulties. 

NordicPet Sustainable Clumping Cat Litter – Happier Pets, Happier Earth

Disposing of the litter is very simple – by following local disposal regulations, you can flush it down the toilet. Even the largest granules dissolve easily and are removed. Cat owners often face the problem of unpleasant odors.

Innovative technology effectively captures strong urine odors, as confirmed by studies, so this litter will help maintain cleanliness and freshness in your home without leaving any unwanted smells. The quality of corn-based cat litter has been tested and approved by users who enjoy the benefits it provides and can effectively care for their cats and the environment. Three different scent varieties are available for purchase.

How to Use NordicPet Clumping Cat Litter


Pour up to 5 cm of litter into a clean and dry litter box.


Scoop all the clumps after your cat has used the litter box. For best hygiene, you should remove all clumps and solid waste daily.


Dispose of the litter in an organic waste container or compost it. Only single clumps can be flushed down the toilet.


Empty the tray, clean it out and re-fill with an equal amount of some fresh natural pet litter in 4–6 weeks.

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